|About us

Our mission

The mission of our organization is to help people who are excluded from conventional sources of financing or who have limited access to funds to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams. We offer support, advice and financing in the form of microcredit for business startups.

New name, same mission, same values!

Our values

The values of MicroEntreprendre BassesLaurentides are based on the principles of community solidarity and social and financial inclusion. It is about offering, to people excluded from traditional financing environments or with limited access to funds, the means necessary to become an integral part of their community through entrepreneurship. Because, where many see a risk, we see human and entrepreneurial potential.

Our objectives

Eligible clientele

Our clientele is excluded from traditional financing environments or has limited access to funds and must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older;
  • Carry out a business project in the BassesLaurentides region;
  • Demonstrate entrepreneurial qualities.