|Supportfor self-employment measure

What advantages does the Support for self-employment measure offer?

The Support for selfemployment measure allows you to benefit from a
special status while you start a business project and
devote time and energy to it.

The program in question, financed by Services Québec, offers two types
of support in parallel:

  • Technical support in the form of training for the business plan,
    follow-up and accompaniment during the startup phase for a period of
    two years by a MicroEntreprendre BassesLaurentides advisor;
    Financial support from Services Québec, in the form of
    a salary allowance equivalent to the minimum wage,
    for up to 52 weeks.
  • The SSE program provides you with a business
    advisor who will accompany you during your entrepreneurial journey,
    and provide assistance in deploying your business solution. for
    two years, you will have the support of an advisor who will be available to
    answer your questions.

Eligibility criteria

The participant must be in one of the following situations:

  • Employment insurance recipients;
  • Recipients of last resort financial assistance and persons receiving the same benefits;
  • Persons “without public income support”;
  • Workers with precarious employment status (precarious employment includes seasonal, contract, temporary, casual, oncall or parttime employment).

Excluded are the following:

  • Refugee claimants;
  • Persons wishing to establish their own business or selfemployment in a profession governed by a professional order;
  • Commissioned staff.

Your obligations

If you decide to apply for the Support for selfemployment program, please consider the following as it is important to the process:

  • You agree to make your business startup project your primary activity and to do so on a fulltime basis, 35hours per week;
  • You will have to invest 15% of the benefits received in your project as part of the program;
  • You agree to be followed by a MicroEntreprendre BassesLaurentides advisor during the preparation and implementation of your project;
  • If partners in your business project do not meet the program’s eligibility criteria, you can only benefit from the SSE measure if you own at least 51% of the shares of the business.